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Faction Theatre

Wilton's Music Hall / Stephen Joseph Theatre

Faction Solos

Cerebral, raw, and in places decidedly abstract, this intellectually stimulating triptych of short plays is developed by experimental collaborative collective the Faction

Exploring diverse themes, from identity, to the power of creativity, to the still-echoing trauma of slavery, the plays foreground the voices of often marginalised characters through history. 


Luca Panetta’s lovely lighting design gives each scene a distinct tone and palette, from the amber, bare-bulb glow that entraps Douglass, to the alternating purple and gold effects that wash over Medea. Meanwhile, Panetta’s video work provides richly textured backgrounds and flurrying, vividly colourful slideshows in which portraits of black activists and authors blend into a collage of 20th-century artworks.

Rachel Valentine Smith & Mark Leipacher

Directed by


Designed by

Luca Panetta

Lighting & Video Design by

Yaiza Varona

Sound Design by

Creative Team

Photography by 

Christa Holka

Photo Gallery

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