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If Opera

Belcombe Court

Il segreto di Susanna

Il Segreto di Susanna (Susanna's Secret) is a simple comedy of confusions. Conte Gil returns home to the smell of tobacco – and suspects his beautiful wife Susannah has a lover. The outrageous ways in which Gil seeks to discover the existence of another man whilst his wife tries desperately, with the help of their servant, to conceal her real secret, produce a riotous evening suffused with some absolutely gorgeous music. Wolf-Ferrari shot to fame with this perfect little opera and it remains a popular part of the repertoire across the world.

Daisy Egan-Brown

Directed by

Bettina John / Flavio Graff

Designed by

Luca Panetta

Lighting & Video Design by


Sound Design by

Creative Team

Photography by 

Craig Fuller

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